Scrum Software Tools

Scrum and Agile Software Tools :
The Best Tool for the Job...

Scrum software tools play an indispensable part in managing scrum software projects. The advantages to using software include:

  • Allows the team to manage the product backlog, estimating, sprints, reporting, and releases
  • Allows team members to report on their activities
  • Gives the team and stakeholders complete visibility on progress

Widely used Scrum Software Tools

Here are some of the widely used Agile tools in the market:

  • Technologies include Jira Agile, IBM Rational Team Concert, Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS, ScrumWorks, Version One, Integrity, Rally, Aldon, and Serena.
  • Jira Agile: Jira Agile is a robust scrum software management tool provided by Atlassian. One Dot provides consultancy, setup, management, and training for the Jira Agile software.
  • Rally: Rally is a comprehensive cloud based Agile lifecycle management tool. It provides highly customizable reporting and has good support for Release based activities. One Dot provides setup, support, and management for Rally.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS: The facilities in TFS allows the management of Scrum projects in an intuitive and user friendly way. One Dot can setup, manage, and train TFS and ensure that your organisation gets the most benefit from TFS.
  • Scrum Works: Scrum Works from Danube is another Agile lifecycle management tool which is targeted specifically for management. It is both available in the cloud and install versions. One Dot provide consulting, management, and training in Scrum Works.


Thinking of another scrum software tool? One Dot has evaluated many agile lifecycle management tools and will be able to quickly evaluate the tool that you have selected against an accepted feature set. We can provide details on ease of implementation, feature set provided, and the potential challenges that you could face implementing the tool.


Confused on which tool to select? Contact One Dot and we will review your requirements, provide you with the relative advantages and disadvantages of each tool, and help you make your selection.