OpenText ITOM Solutions

IT Operations Management (ITOM) Solutions from OpenText (formerly Micro Focus)

A comprehensive IT Operations Management suite of integrated and AI-based products to improve IT efficiency and performance.

The IT Operations Management products cover the following areas:

IT Service Management

Micro Focus ITSM solution delivering great user experiences, AI backed support, discovery, CMDB, and asset management. All SAAS delivered.

Products in this portfolio:

Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

Asset Management X

AIOps and Observability

Micro Focus AIOps includes discovery and monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications across cloud and on-prem. AI identifies issues faster and applies automated fixes making management faster and more efficient.

Products in this portfolio:

Operations Bridge

Observability, AIOps, and performance management


Network Operations Management

A unified network management system. Monitors network health, configuration and compliance.


Network Node Manager i

Monitoring network health and performance.

Discovery and CMDB

Configuration management solutions for cloud and on-premises environments.

Increase IT visibility, reduce service disruption, and improve change success by discovering, mapping, and managing configuration items across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Products in this portfolio:

Universal Discovery and CMDB

Cloud Management

Optimize costs and gain management consistency across all your clouds.

FinOps capabilities which include cloud provisioning with compliance oversight.

Products in this portfolio:

Hybrid Cloud Management X

HCMX FinOps Express

Vulnerability Management

Discover, track, and close vulnerabilities in your systems with automated patch and compliance remediation.

Products in this portfolio:

Data Center Automation

Network Automation


Automate, integrate, and orchestrate IT processes across tools, teams, and technologies.

Products in this portfolio:

Server Automation

Secure, scalable, and automated server configuration and lifecycle management.

Operations Orchestration