Scaled Agile Consulting (SAFe)

Scaled Agile for Enterprise Implementations

For large scale agile implementations, for example; those that involve 50 people or more, One Dot recommends the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is designed to facilitate the scaling of agile across multiple delivery teams. It also accommodates program and portfolio level management.

One Dot provides SAFe implementation, training, technology, and support. The company also establishes the organisations readiness for a Scaled Agile implementation.

SAFe Portfolio Level

At the Portfolio level SAFe provides the infrastructure to:

  • Select intiatives
  • Establish governance
  • Implement business strategy
  • Manage investment funding
  • Allocate budgets
  • Manage resourcing
  • Define and manage business and architectural epics
  • Review metrics at the Portfolio level

SAFe Program Level

At the Program level of SAFe, strategic initiatives of the portfolio are planned and executed as releases. SAFe facilitates the following activities at the Program level:

  • Release Governance, Planning, and Management
  • Roadmap management
  • Program Backlog Management
  • Program objectives are valued and prioritised
  • Feature management
  • Architecural vision established and implemented


At the team level of SAFe, teams of 5-9 people are responsible for the execution
of the features as identified at the program level. The metrics associated with team execution flow up to the program and portfolio levels.


At the team level the following activities occur:

  • Product backlog management
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint execution, review, and retrospective
  • Delivery of an increment of working software