Scrum Setup and Scrum Implementation

Preparing the way for Scrum and Agile..

One Dot provides specific services around Scrum setup and Scrum implementation. The company is an avid proponent of Agile and Scrum, and our staff will ensure that your organisation is properly equipped to make a transition to a more Agile / Scrum environment.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Scrum development and thought leadership in the industry. Our team have many years of experience on multiple successful Scrum projects to draw on.

Scrum Setup and Scrum Implementation Services

The company offers the following Scrum Setup and Implementation services:

  • Business change management
  • Agile readiness audit
  • Guidelines and templates
  • Key role analysis and recommendations
  • Resource management, allocation, and evaluation
  • On-shore / Off-shore / Mixed team management , training and setup
  • For distributed teams, One Dot evaluates and sets up an Agile lifecycle tool so that the entire team stays synchronized at any point of time.
  • Requirements mapping: One Dot works closely with customers to map their requirements into a story map and helps them come up with a roadmap and definitive release timeline.
  • Scrum technology implementation, setup, and training
  • Introduction to Scrum for stakeholders and team members