Scrum Mentoring and Scrum Training

Scrum Overview

One Dot provides its customers with a highly interactive session on Scrum. We have people with the right experience and certifications who work with the team and provide them an exercise based session on Scrum processes and practices. We then eusure that each team member has understood his role and responsibilities clearly, when to do what and how.

Scrum Mentoring

Scrum is easy to understand but needs a disciplined approach. With the experience of managing Scrum projects of various sizes and shapes, One Dot has fine tuned the process and is skilled in tailoring it to each organization’s needs. Scrum mentoring consists of an initial walk through of the various rituals of Scrum and then providing pointed guidelines for each role in Scrum. Mentoring also includes areas like point estimating for user stories, Agile tool selection and soft skill areas like team building, communication improvement, etc.

One Dot does not only train people on Scrum. We walk together with the entire teams and cover each practice, pausing many times to ensure that each concept is understood and assimilated. As process champions, One Dot will mentor and finally help the teams self organize.

One Dot works with potential employees for each of the roles within Scrum (Product Owner, the team and Scrum Master) and mentors them to be effective in their respective roles.

For example,

  • Product Owner mentoring: One Dot works with product owners and helps them master the nitty gritties of Scrum Product management. Activities like user story definition, wireframing, backlog prioritization, backlog grooming, Sprint planning, point estimation, defining the done criteria, etc. We also work closely with the product owner in the Sprint to ensure that he is able to communicate well with the team and is able to articulate his expectations effectively for the coming sprint.
  • Scrum Master mentoring: One Dot helps budding scrum masters by mentoring on the minute details of the process, hand holding them during a Sprint and then fine tuning their working style to enable them to become effective scrum masters. In the process, the qualities imbibed are those of estimation techniques, meeting facilitation skills, focus on continuous improvement, being the team’s protector, enabling the team to communicate better, etc.
  • Team mentoring: One Dot works with each team member to ensure that they fully understand their role and responsibilities. We work closely to break down any existing barriers within the team and with the product owner and establish new crisp trust worthy channels of communication. We work closely to ensure that they are able to function well, reach out to the product owner as needed, provide the product owner with regular builds and help them to communicate better with respect to issues and risks.