Project Management For Digital Business

Risk free project delivery.

Digital projects guaranteed on time, on budget every time.

Are your developers driving you nuts!?!! We have the solution. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guaranteed delivery date? Let our professional and certified project managers take over the management of your project.

Digital Projects include: web, mobile, tablet, online retail, web application development, and web infrastructure.

One Dot has fifteen years experience in delivering projects. You can trust One Dot to deliver your project on time and on budget!

What we do?

Here is a brief overview of the project management services we provide. Contact us today for more information.

  • Manage your projects end-to-end
  • Manage your teams day-to-day
  • Create and manage schedules
  • Create and manage budgets
  • Manage all partners
  • Act as a technical advocate for you, the client, with partners
  • Daily reporting on progress against an agreed schedule
  • Remove all the risk from the project


Development Partner Audits and Skills Assessment

We’ll make sure your development partner is qualified to be doing the work

  • Skills assessment of developers
  • Process and method review
  • Development partner audit, review, and capability evaluation report

Why One Dot Project Management?

Save Time

  • Managing projects is time consuming and costly.
  • The more inexperienced the person managing the project the longer it will take and less likely the outcome will be satisfactory.
  • Smaller businesses need to focus their attention on running and managing their company, and not on the day-to-day minutia of running a successful project.


Save Money

  • A poorly managed project can result is late delivery, budget blowouts, poor results, and unuseable software.
  • These poor outcomes can cost considerable money and time.
  • The engagement of One Dot will result in cost savings in fail safe delivery dates and accurate budget controls.


Achieve Transparency

  • Discover what your developers are REALLY doing.
  • One Dot will answer all your technical questions with regards to the project
  • Know daily what is being done, where the project is against the schedule, and whether the project is on budget.


Remove Risk

  • One Dot removes the risk from the project.
  • One Dot will guarantee delivery date, schedule, and budget. We can do this because the project is very tightly managed.
  • If there is any extraneous event that may impact delivery date, we will know far in advance.
  • We evaluate all the partners to determine that they have the necessary expertise and internal processes to deliver on their responsibilities. If we determine that they are not sufficiently qualified to deliver on their responsibilities, we will notify you and they can be removed from the project.
  • In order for One Dot to do our job the RFP has to be 100% accurate. We will review the RFP to confirm that it includes everything the vendors need to provide an accurate proposal.


Objective Third Party

  • One Dot is not a vendor and we are not on your staff. This allows us to project manage without any conflicts or encumbrances that those relationships can impose.


Saving you time and getting it right, on time, every time..