Jira Consultants

Jira Consulting and Training from authorised Atlassian Solution Partners...

One Dot is an authorised Atlassian Gold Solution Partner. The company has been delivering Jira solutions for the past eight years, and the company offers the following services:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Professional Services
  • Administration
  • Support
  • Licencing
  • Management

Our One Dot consultants work with your organisation to ensure that the scope of the Jira features and add-ons can be utilised to their fullest. Our consultants deep experience with project and agile delivery are also leveraged to make sure the implementation is tailored to the organisation’s context.


The software can be used by large and small organisations and can manage large or small programs of work.


The Atlassian stack also includes several tightly integrated products. These include:

Other sites with additional information: