Atlassian Consultants


Trust the authorised Atlassian Solution Partner Consultants...


One Dot is an authorised Atlassian Solution Partner. The company provides the following Atlassian services to companies, government, and institutions:


  • Consultancy
  • Professional Services
  • Training
  • Setup
  • Administration
  • Support
  • Licencing
  • Management


Our One Dot consultants have been supporting Atlassian products and Jira for many years, and train, speak and conduct seminars on best practice. We pride ourselves on our depth of experience with the software and its add-ons, and our goal is to help your organisation use it to it's full potential.

These software products can be used equally well by large and small organisations and on large and small projects.

Atlassian has a number of complimentary products. One Dot supports all of these. These include:


Contact One Dot today 1800 996 194 or projects [at], to learn more about our Atlassian consulting, professional services, and training.


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